Best Lounge Room Additions of 2012

Trends / January 16,2013

The possibilities for your lounge room area are endless, regardless of how large or small yours is. Often all it takes is adding one or two of the right elements to make the world of difference. The following is a look at some of 2012's best lounge room additions.


Original art

Original art has long been a popular way to provide a boost to lounge room areas, but 2012 has seen an absolute explosion in the use of original art in interior design. Everything from Aboriginal paintings to graffiti style art has been turning up in modern lounge rooms with far more regularity; it's one of the reasons art's meteoric rise as a lucrative investment.



The lighting in your lounge room will make a big difference to how the room looks and feels, and in 2012 lamps have become an extremely popular way to play around with your lounge room vibe. Lamps are very much an art form in themselves, allowing you to add as much or as little light as you like; with simple filters, you can even change up the colour of the light. Your lampshades offer another opportunity to mix up the look and style of your lounge room, and 2012 has seen a huge increase in people getting creative with their DIY designs.


A quality sound system

Every decent lounge room needs to have a quality sound system, and in 2012 lounge room designs have a strong focus on taking care of the music in style. While there has been a revival of sorts for the old style gramophone, most lounge rooms have been embracing ultra-modern systems and designs, with remote control abilities very much a high priority.


A sun lounge

An extremely popular lounge room addition in 2012 has been the classic sun lounge, and while it requires a significant amount of space to set up, being able to do your sunbathing in the safety of your own home is a fantastic capability to have. Sun lounges have gotten even more comfortable in recent years, too. If you are looking for a way to add some style and comfort to your lounge room, consider investing in a sun lounge.


Leather sofas

While they never really went out of fashion, leather sofas are back in a big way in 2012, as modern designers have rediscovered the comfort, style and class you only get with leather. Considering that leather can look great for such a long time, the return to popularity of the leather sofa clearly reflects a shift back towards investing in quality furniture built to last. Your lounge room should be one of the most comfortable and relaxing parts of your home, so if yours isn't, consider investing in some upgrades. If you aren't sure what will look good in your place, get online and be inspired by what others are doing with their lounge room areas, or consider investing in some professional interior design advice.

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