Finding the Best Furniture Items to Give as Gifts

Buyers Guide / January 15,2013

Giving furniture as a gift is a fantastic idea, especially if you can find the right item to suit the person and their situation, and the following is a brief guide to help you find those perfect furniture items to give.


Furniture That Fits

Before you go out and buy any item of furniture to give as a gift, first make sure you know how much space the person you are buying it for has available, because it would be a shame to go to all that trouble and expense if there won't be enough room for that fantastic item of furniture you have bought. If the gift is a surprise, do your best to measure the space while your friend isn't watching, or better yet, have their partner or housemate measure it for you. Whatever you do, make sure that you know exactly how much space they have, because whether you are eyeing up a sun lounge or a set of bar stools, the best furniture to give will need to be one that fits.


Make Sure They Match

If you want to give an item of furniture as a gift, it is wise to first check what your gift recipient already has, because most people will want their furniture items to at least somewhat match each other. If you are unsure as to what colours or styles of furniture go well together, look online or take a few photos of your friend's place and take them to an interior designer for advice. If you are buying for a particularly design conscious friend, keep the receipt just in case you get the style or colour totally wrong.


Items That Are Needed

The easiest people to buy furniture for are those who don't have all of those essential items yet, so if you have a friend without a dining table, a leather lounge or any other key furniture items, giving any of these pieces is guaranteed to make a fantastic gift.


Pieces They Want

The best gifts to give are always those that you know the recipient wants, and so if you are looking to find the perfect item of furniture to give as a gift, your best bet is to listen out for hints or ask their friends or family if they know of anything that the person wants. If you can't find out what items they may want the best approach is to simply ask them, because even though this will mean your gift won't be a surprise, at least it will be something that you know they want.


A Gift You Can Afford

While it is always a good idea to invest in quality items of furniture, especially if you want your gift to last, make sure that you aren't spending more money than you can afford to, regardless of how nice that item may be. If there is a special piece of furniture that you want to give but can't afford, consider going in on the gift with a few other friends, otherwise give a furniture item that is a little simpler and one that won't break your budget.

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