How to Dress Up Older Furniture

How To / December 31,2015

If you want to do something special with your home's interior or exterior areas, a great way to do so is to find a way to dress up some of your older pieces of furniture. The following are a just a few of the many different ways that you can breathe new life into your old furniture, all of which can be done without having to spend a fortune.


Paint it

One of the best ways to dress up older wooden furniture is to repaint it, as a coat or two of paint can transform those old items into looking new again. If you need to make any repairs, make them first, before sanding the item back to a smooth surface; then, once the surface is smooth, take your time slowly painting it. Allow at least three hours for each coat of paint to dry; you will generally need at least two to three coats for best results.


Get new covers

Dressing up furniture items such as lounges, chairs and even tables can be done quickly and easily with some new covers. With a few sets of covers you can change up the look of your interior or exterior areas as often as you like, and if those covers get dirty or wet somehow, they are extremely easy to clean.


Add cushions

It is amazing what a few well-placed cushions can do to help dress up your older furniture, so before you start looking to replace those older items, first try adding a few cushions instead. Apart from helping to add to the colour and style of your furniture, your indoor or outdoor cushions will also do a lot for the level of comfort, which will be much appreciated by any of your older guests or those mates with dodgy backs.


Dress the inside too

If you are looking to dress up older furniture items that have cupboards, drawers or compartments, fancying up these interior areas can create a fantastic effect. Using wallpaper to line drawers is inexpensive and effective, as is painting the inside of those cupboards and cabinets, so have some fun with your furniture and dress it up inside just as much as out. It may take some time and effort to carry out these meticulous interior upgrades, but when you are done your older furniture item will look like a modern work of art.


Add new handles

The handles on furniture items such as drawers, cupboards and chests have a tendency to get worn over time, which can make an older item of furniture look even older than it is, so if you want to get those old gems back to looking their best, upgrade their handles. For best results, try to match the new handles to the old ones, and you'll be amazed at the difference they make. Dressing up your older furniture is a great way to have some fun, as well as get far more life out of your favourite items. Don't throw out any item of furniture that still works -- dress it up instead!

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