Most Elegant Additions to the Lounge Room

Trends / January 30,2013

The lounge room in your home is a very important place, because apart from being somewhere that you can go to relax, it will also often be one of the more popular parts of your home in which to entertain. Adding a few of the right elegant elements can have a significant impact on the overall look and feel of your lounge room area, making it far more conducive to your style of lounging or entertaining. The following is a brief look at some of the most elegant additions you can make to your lounge room area.


A gramophone

If you like music, you probably already know that the best quality sound you can get is from vinyl, and there is no more elegant way to play those records than on an old-school gramophone. These gorgeous pieces of sound equipment are works of art in themselves, and having a gramophone positioned anywhere in your lounge room area will be an extremely elegant touch to say the least.


A chandelier

There is something about intricately cut glass and light that makes the perfect combination, which is why chandeliers have long been regarded as one of the most elegant additions you could make to any room. The lighting in a room will always play a huge role in determining the mood and feel of the space, and the glittering light of a chandelier never fails to promote a classy, elegant and sophisticated effect.


Some classy furniture

Considering that your lounge room is supposed to be all about comfort, relaxation and lounging, your furniture plays an important role, so if you want your lounge room to be extra special, invest in furniture that is a cut above the rest. Whether you bring in a new sofa, a fancy coffee table or a handmade leather lounge, there are a huge amount of quality furniture options available, and you should have no problem finding inspiration online. If you can't find what you want in the store, look for items second hand or consider investing in something custom made.


Some quality original art

A fantastic way to add a touch of class and elegance to your lounge room is by bringing in some quality art, and considering that art investment has become extremely lucrative of late, picking up a few pieces of art may end up providing a boost to more than just the look of your lounge room. Whether you invest in paintings, sculptures or wood carvings, there is some incredibly impressive art out there, and finding those perfect elegant pieces will simply require that you spend enough time looking for them.


A handmade rug

A huge amount of work goes into making a rug by hand, with the end result an extremely impressive piece of art, so if you are looking to add an elegant item or two to your lounge room, consider investing in a high-end hand-made rug. Your rug will be front and centre in your lounge room, so make sure you invest in one that is deserving of such attention. The more you know about the artist who made the rug and their rug-making technique, the more impressive that elegant rug will be.

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