Outdoor Home Office Ideas

How To / September 21,2013

If you work from home you have the advantage of being able to work wherever you want on your property, and this shouldn't be limited to indoors - especially when the weather is so nice outside. Here we've listed some cool ideas for transforming any outdoor space into the ideal working area this summer.


The Vintage Terrace

If you have enough space on your terrace to create a work area, then why not go vintage with the style for a change from the corporate office look? Find a solid wood desk and if it's not treated for outdoor use, do it yourself. The next item to find is, of course, a comfy chair. Just make sure the internet works if you are worried about sitting far from your modem.


For Team Meetings

If you have a team of people working for you and need to create an outdoor space to host a meeting or a day of working together on a project, then why not set up a tent in your backyard? Make sure the wireless is working and you'll have a great day outside, shielded from the sun. Just try not to get too carried away with the holiday feeling working outdoors can often give you!


Regardless of whether you have a large or small space, if you have the luxury of being able to work outdoors you should try it. During the warmer months you won't want to be indoors once you've experienced working outside!


Source: Down the Meadow

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