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Sydney is a city blessed with abundant good weather for most of the year, so it's no wonder we love to enjoy our outdoor time as often as possible. Lavita helps you do this by providing the largest and most beautiful collection of luxury outdoor furniture in Sydney.

We are your premier outlet for:

  • Outdoor lounge settings
  • Outdoor dining furniture
  • Outdoor beds
  • Outdoor bars
  • Balcony furniture, and
  • Outdoor accessories

In every category, we will exceed your expectations for luxury outdoor furniture. Our designs are innovative, practical, and stylish. It is furniture designed for the modern outdoor lifestyle, built with comfort and strength in mind.

Of course within the outdoor luxury furniture category, there are varying degrees of luxury. Every one of our items can be considered to be among the best outdoor furniture in Sydney, but there are still some we feel have that little extra edge of luxuriousness, making them even more recommendable than others.

A few classic examples include the following:

Noosa Outdoor Sun Lounge Set

This twin set of sun lounges with paired side tables is an absolute must-have for the ultimate relaxing day by the pool.

Richly upholstered with Sunbrella outdoor fabric (strong, waterproof, and UV resistant) surrounding a generous core of quick dry foam padding, these sun lounges are a comfortable as they are gorgeous to look at.

The side tables provide an ideal and easily accessible space for keeping your phone, media device, books, drinks, and snacks close to hand.

Canopy Outdoor Day Bed

When you're truly committed to an outdoor snooze, nothing will stand in your way. Quite a few steps up from the garden hammock, you will find our canopy outdoor day bed provides all the comfort and shelter you need for a fantastic sleep that will satisfy even the most dedicated fresh air fiend.

Falling asleep outdoors is so tempting and relaxing, but there's often a risk of sleeping too long and paying for it later. The canopy on this bed protects you from this risk, so you can relax without worry.

Hadid Seven Piece Dining Suite

Make your next get-together a memorable one with this luxury dining suite from Lavita. We've brought the comfort of indoor dining to the outdoors with the amazingly comfortable Hadid chairs, upholstered in Sunbrella fabric, padded with quick dry foam, and set on sturdy metal frames.

The dining table, measuring 220 x 100 x 74cm provides generous space to host a fantastic feast in the great outdoors.

Coogee Outdoor Modular Lounge

One of our most popular luxury outdoor furniture sets, the Coogee outdoor modular lounge is as chic and inviting as the suburb it's named for.

Relax and converse in comfort, while enjoying the wonderful outdoor weather and scenery. The modular lounge can be configured in various ways to suit the available space and the needs of the day.

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