Why Buy Lavita Outdoor Furniture?

1. We sell furniture, not products.

You might think that all outdoor furniture is the same. Or maybe you saw something similar somewhere else. Take a closer look. It's our attention to fine details that sets us apart.

Lavita Furniture - We Design Furniture The Importer - They Sell Products
Angled Back Cushions Yes, our cushions are angled for comfort No, It's cheaper to cut them flat...
Recessed Glass Yes, for a seamless and refined finish! No, just sits on top with some suction caps in the corner...
Core Coloured Wicker Yes, for superior performance in the Australian Sun No, white plastic with colour applied to the surface...
Acid Washed Frames Yes, to ensure a perfect powdercoating finish. No, because it's difficult and expensive...
Brushed Aluminium Collars Yes, because they look beautiful and won't rust No, steel is cheaper...
Outdoor Fabrics Yes, it's the least we could do. You're putting this outside, right? No, because nobody will notice for a little while.
Outdoor Foams Yes, of course! It's outdoor furniture, after all. For outside. No. Anything soft and fluffy will do...
Matching Accessories Yes, because you want to dress up your furniture for years to come No, what you see is what you'll get...
Thick Cushions Yes, because they last longer. Not because they're more comfortable. But they are! No, It all looks the same in the pictures, anyway...
Removable Cushion Covers Yes, because you want to keep things clean. No, because installing a zippper requires time and precision...

2. We're trusted by over 10,000 customers

When you buy Lavita Furniture, you're purchasing from an experienced outdoor furniture retailer with over 50,000 items in homes around Australia since 2009. It's our commitment to quality that allows our furniture perform across the vast spectrum of the Australian climate

3. Our furniture is Australian Designed.

Almost our entire range is designed in house to ensure a product of unmatched style, quality and comfort. We're not content with simply importing second-hand styles, lazily designed, using inferior materials with construction to match. Our furniture is designed, tested and manufactured with materials specified for use in the Australian Sun. You won't find European furniture here.

4. 14 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you're furniture arrives, and does not match the description of quality, function or feature explained and illustrated on our website. We will refund you in full. If, of course you simply change your mind, return your furniture to us, unmarked, in original or equivalent packaging for a refund minus the cost of shipping.

5. Secure Website & Payments

When you pay through our secure payment gateway hosted by EWAY (Australia's leading online payment gateway), and processed by the Bendigo Bank, we will never ever see your credit card details. We will never store your credit card details. And any confidential personal information is encrypted and never shared or sold.

6. Showrooms in Melbourne & Sydney

Aswell as being a leading online retailer of luxury outdoor furniture, we also have showrooms in Melbourne and Sydney. Come see our quality for yourself.

7. We ship Australia-wide.

You'll find Lavita Furniture in homes from Ballarat to Broome and even as far away as Vanuatu! Lavita Furniture can ship most products to most locations around Australia. We specialise in deliveries across Australia's East Coast with trucks travelling to Queensland at least once a fortnight. If we can't help ship to your directly, we can certainly coordinate with a removalist of your choosing.

8. We don't do fads!

Say you buy a an outdoor lounge from us, and then a year later you'd like a matching dining table. You can do that! We don't discontinue the styles we worked so hard to build. Our range is a polished, cohesive collection of stylish pieces with a focus on comfort, durability, versatility and function. We forgo the flourishes that are "in" this year. Because if it's in style, it will go out of style, and you don't want to replace your furniture as often as that. Buy timeless furniture from us, and have the option to add matching pieces for years ahead.

9. Three Year Warranty.

We stand by our products and know them well enough to offer you our Three Year Warranty with confidence. With proper care and maintenance, your furniture will last for years to come. If by fault of design, materials or workmanship your product should fail, we'll happily replace it.

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