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There's nothing quite the look and feel of outdoor cane furniture for its warmth and tropical style. Here at Lavita Furniture, we have the best selection of cane outdoor furniture that Sydney has to offer.

The cane furniture that we have for sale is both durable and functional and is designed to last for many years to come. Our superbly styled outdoor cane furniture is available in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

Large Selection Of Styles To Choose From

Whether you're looking for outdoor cane chairs, cane lounges or cane coffee tables, we're sure to have exactly what you're looking for. Our cane outdoor chairs and lounges are made from only the highest quality materials that are weather resistant and UV protected to ensure that they are durable and require minimal care.

Our furniture styles are unique and exclusive to Lavita Furniture and we're sure you're going to be delighted with the wide range we have to offer.

Shop For Your Cane Furniture Online With Confidence

At Lavita Furniture we give you the convenience of being able to shop for your cane furniture online in the comfort of your own home. You can then choose to either have your purchases delivered to your home or pick them up from one of our conveniently located showrooms.

And so that you can shop with confidence, we offer:

  • Secure online payment options.
  • Delivery to Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane homes.
  • Full insurance included in the delivery charge.
  • The choice of three different delivery service options including:
  • Our basic door to door service
  • Our in home service where our delivery drivers bring the boxes into your home or;
  • Our complete valet service where our delivery drivers unpack your furniture, put it into place and take away the packaging materials and empty boxes.
  • A 5-year structural warranty on most of our outdoor furniture items.
  • Our guarantee that the products you have purchased are exactly as they appear on our website, otherwise we will give you a replacement, an exchange or a full refund.

Need more information?

If you would like some more information about our outdoor cane furniture or any of our other outdoor furniture pieces, then please don't hesitate to contact us on 1300 528 482.

Alternatively, you may also like to come and see our outdoor furniture in person by visiting one of our conveniently located showrooms. Our showrooms are at 614-618 Botany Road, Alexandria, 27 Hardner Road, Mount Waverley and 121 Evans Road, Salisbury.

There's no better place to buy cane outdoor furniture than Lavita Furniture. Our cane outdoor furniture is of the highest quality and we have a large selection of outdoor furniture items and sets to choose from.

Cane - the traditional furniture making material used worldwide

Cane is a traditional furniture making material used in many parts of the world, but most commonly in South East Asia and parts of Polynesia.

You are most likely to find traditionally made cane furniture in Indonesia and Malaysia. While once common in Singapore, it has, like many Singaporean traditions, fallen out of fashion as preferences have moved toward more modern styles.

Making cane furniture takes a lot of time and effort

The process of making cane furniture is quite a complicated one, taking considerable time and effort, since it needs to be done entirely by hand. The most commonly used material for making cane furniture is rattan, a type of vine that is indigenous to Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines.

Bamboo can also sometimes be used for the framework of cane furniture, but never for the cladding, because it is not flexible enough. Bamboo is less weather resistant and requires special treatment to ensure it doesn't dry out and split, or become mouldy in damp humid conditions.

Because cane furniture is so tricky to make and so prone to problems, it is better to choose more modern materials that can still give you a similar look.

As a quality alternative to traditional cane outdoor furniture, Sydney manufacturer Lavita sells modern wicker furniture. This has a much better lifespan in comparison with ordinary outdoor cane furniture, and in fact if properly cared for it should last practically forever.

Beware of buying cane furniture online. For one thing, it may be very difficult or even illegal to import it, and for another it is likely to be fragile and could easily be damaged in transit.

The wicker furniture from Lavita is a much better alternative, and you can buy that with complete confidence online, because it's made in Australia and it's way stronger than cane.

Our wicker furniture is made strong

Our wicker furniture is built on strong, fully welded aluminium frames, which is obviously going to outlast either rattan or bamboo, while the resin based wicker material we use is completely weatherproof and will never degrade no matter how much sun, rain, sea water or pool water it is exposed to.

The simple fact is, any cane furniture for sale is going to be inferior to the wicker furniture from Lavita, while not offering any added benefit. You can easily see the difference, and when you do it becomes crystal clear that wicker on an aluminium frame is a far superior choice.

In every respect (looks, maintenance, strength, hygiene, and even the smell), Lavita's wicker material is vastly better than traditional cane furniture.

So if you are offered outdoor cane furniture in Sydney, take a moment to consider all the disadvantages of cane, and then make the choice to buy the much better looking, stronger, and easier to care for wicker furniture from Lavita.

Lavita Furniture offer high quality outdoor furniture at great prices. If you are looking for any designer outdoor furniture, outdoor dining furniture, outdoor modular lounges, cane outdoor furniture or just some luxury outdoor furniture, come and visit one of our showrooms in Sydney, Victoria or Queensland & see our designer outdoor furniture.

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Explore Cane Outdoor Furniture

Lavita Outdoor Cane Furniture - Built to live and last outdoors.

Cane furniture is back in style and Lavita Outdoor are proud to share with you our endlessly classic cane furniture range. Cane furniture provides a sturdy and durable frame with timeless design elements. Think mid-century safari chic and Bahamas breezy relaxation.

Cane outdoor furniture remains a popular choice for Australian homeowners due to its comfort, coastal style and easy-to-maintain durability. The Lavita Outdoor Cane furniture collection blends timeless classic notes with contemporary materials to give you a cane range of outdoor furniture to suit any outside space.

The perfect place to sit back and enjoy a cup of tea or a gin cocktail, our range of cane furniture will transport you to sudden comfort and relaxation. Cane furniture ranks amongst the hottest furniture trends right now for good reason - it brings an airy lightness and subtle coastal tone to any space.

Cane is perfect for outdoor furniture as its eco-friendly material lends to superior flexibility and the ability to withstand our harsh Aussie environment. On a hot, Summer day your cane furniture will be breezy and comfortable - perfect for poolside lounging and dining.

Bohemian hearts be still, our range of cane furniture provides the effortless coastal style you crave with the benefit of strong construction and built-to-last materials.

The four-stranded design offers superior flexibility to prevent snapping or deforming over time, an innovation we’re proud to have pioneered. It’s waterproof, sunproof and in fact, our wicker is so robustly constructed and beautifully designed that you'll find it in some of our country’s most exclusive clubs and resorts.

The robust build does not take away from the comfort. Crafted with high-density foam and upholstered with high-performance outdoor fabric, your cane outdoor furniture is built to live and last outside whilst being a comfortable place to rest and relax.

Entertainers will love our eight-seater wicker outdoor dining sets and our wicker high bars which comfortably seat six people. If you’re more of the lounge by the pool, cocktail in hand type, you’ll love our wicker lounge sets and our lux wicker daybed - perfect for a Summer afternoon snooze. Short on space? Look at our balcony wicker two-seater set, perfect for young couples or empty nesters looking to downsize.

Whether you’re looking to style your balcony or patio for entertaining, your garden for relaxing, your poolside deck for sunbathing or year-round entertaining, our cane furniture range will give you the style you’re searching for.

View our entire Outdoor Furniture range or visit our showrooms in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane to choose the best cane furniture set for your home.

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