Outdoor Modular Lounges

Outdoor Modular Lounges

Outdoor Modular Lounge That Works For Your Space. The best thing about outdoor modular lounges is that you can make them work for your specific alfresco environment. For outdoor spaces that need flexibility and changing needs, a modular lounge is a perfect choice.

Mix and match our range of outdoor modular lounge pieces to create the perfect, personalised design for your outdoor area. Tricky outdoor spaces can require extra attention and creative solutions, so our team are able to help you create an outdoor lounge that fits your home.

Lavita Outdoor’s range of modular lounges are built with lightweight, easy-to-maneuver materials, clipping together easily. They are the popular choice for spaces that need to be rearranged once the entertaining is over for the day.

Our outdoor modular lounge collection blends timeless classic notes with contemporary materials to give you a range of outdoor lounge pieces to suit any area and budget.

Our furniture is built to live and last in your alfresco space - most of our outdoor corner lounge’s showcase Sunbrella ™ Fabrics. A comfortable, premium fabric, engineered to withstand our harsh Australian environment. The fabric is UV and Fade-resistant, meaning it will not deteriorate when left in its space outside.

Our range also includes pieces built with reticulated foam which has a unique open-cell structure to keep your cushions in shape and allows for efficient water drainage, should they get wet. Better yet, antimicrobial properties within the foam prevents mould and fungus, keeping your outdoor furniture safe for your family.

If you’ve experienced rust and corrosion with your outdoor corner lounges in the past, rest assured that we can offer maximum protection to your furniture with AkzoNobel Interpon Powder Coatings. A global leader in paint, colour stability, UV durability and corrosion protection your new outdoor furniture will have the highest protection possible against our Australian climate.

At Lavita Outdoor we have wicker outdoor modular lounges as well as aluminium and fabric pieces to cater to any of your outdoor entertainment and relaxation needs. Our lounge pieces are built to live and last outside whilst being as comfortable a place to rest and relax as your living room lounge.

If you can’t decide on one configuration, that’s ok - they’re built to move around with your needs. What matters is that you’ll have the ideal space for sun snoozing, reading a book by the pool or entertaining the family.

Our range of lounges will surprise and delight you with how comfortable and airy they are. Better yet, it won’t break the bank with Lavita Outdoor’s reasonable pricing.

Take a look at your outdoor modular lounge options online now or visit our showrooms in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane to choose the best lounge pieces for your home.

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