10 Awesome Outdoor Kitchens You'll Love

Trends / February 22,2017


When it comes to outdoor entertaining, nothing beats the classic backyard barbie - but sometimes, mother nature doesn’t always agree. Whether purpose built as an extension to your home or simply upping the ante on the party stakes, the outdoor kitchen is becoming increasingly common. Here are ten of our favourite outdoor kitchens that’ll ensure the steaks will be sizzling all year round.



1. Create a contemporary kitchen outdoors by keeping it light and bright with a neutral colour palette to give off a coastal feel. By StepUp Constructions.


2. The cedar cabinetry on this BBQ and pizza oven combo adds charm as it seamlessly blends into the aesthetics of this unique Mosman home. By Harrison Landscaping.


3. When not in use, this BBQ cleverly folds away for maximum use of space when entertaining outdoors, and gives the patio a clean and modern look. By Mr. Mitchell.


4. This contemporary kitchen brings the comfort of indoor cooking to the great outdoors and features a built in grill and pizza oven. By Daniel Lomma Design. Photo by D-Max Photography.


5. Create a seamless extension from your current cooking headquarters with a satellite kitchen that gives you more space when it’s needed. By Danny Broe Architect.


6. Break up your outdoor space but keep the conversation flowing with a low rise wall divider and distinct flooring. By Outside in Landscape Management.


7. Keep things interesting by creating multiple outdoor areas; get down to business in the fully equipped outdoor kitchen or relax and enjoy company away from the chaos of the kitchen. By Totally Outdoors.


8. Take advantage of your surrounding space and maximise your viewing pleasure! In this outdoor kitchen setup, everyone wins. Photo by Napoleon.


9. Here’s one for when you’re all about impressing the guests - a swim up bar for when you like to cook with an audience. By Mark Scott Associates.


10. And finally, an outdoor grilling station that ensures you won’t miss a minute of the action. Photo by Cal Flame.


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