12 Amazing Tree Houses You'll Want To Live In

Fun Stuff / November 10,2016

The treehouse, once thought of as the ultimate backyard escape for children, has now become a thing of architectural excellence and awe-inspiring design. Perched high above the ground, the place that was once home to many secret clubhouse meetings and backyard forts has now found its way into nature as meticulously built masterpieces, nestled into lush mountain surrounds with forest views as far as the eye can see. Read on to see the new breed of wild and wonderful designs about, that are transforming your childhood dreams into a reality your adult self would be proud to live in.


Mirror Treehouse  // Tham & Videgård

Tree Hotel, Sweden

The Mirrorcube in Sweden is the perfect hideout for those who really want to blend in with nature. It’s 4x4x4 metered surface is covered entirely with reflective glass which makes the structure almost invisible as it reflects the surrounding forest. The Mirrorcube was developed as part of the Tree Hotel project and accommodates two guests with a double bed, bathroom, lounge and a rooftop terrace.

Image by Peter Lundstrom 


Casa da Praia Do Felix // Vidal & Sant'Anna


Perched on the edge of a steep hill, the Casa Da Praia Do Felix rises out of the jungle canopy like a treehouse. Overlooking the beach, the two-storey residence includes 3 bedrooms and a studio space, and offers spectacular views every which way you look.

Image by Fran Parente


Teahouse Tetsu

Kiyoharu Shirakaba Museum, Japan

Like something out of the pages of a fairy tale, this Japanese teahouse sits pretty atop the trunk of a Cypress tree, hovering amidst the cherry blossom trees. Designed by architect Terunobu Fujimori, the interior of this tree house follows a much more simpler aesthetic, with a wide open space and large windows allowing you to enjoy the surrounding nature in full bloom.


Image by Akihisa Masuda, Dana + LeRoy Bunward


Around the Oak Treehouse  // Andreas Wenning


As the name suggests, you’ll find this miniature treehouse wrapped around a large old oak tree, accessible only via a spiral staircase off the back of it’s main residence. This seems like the perfect getaway for the owners, who have fitted out the cosy cabin with a double bed and a window seat, as well as a large deck so you can take in all of the surrounding scenery.

 Image by Markus Bollen


Bird’s Nest // Inrednin Gsgruppen

Tree Hotel, Sweden

Does your spirit animal happen to have wings and fly? Then this treehouse might be more suited to your style. From the outside, you might be mistaken in thinking you’ve stumbled across the world’s largest bird’s nest, but inside you’ll find a contemporary setting where you can find the comforts of home. A retractable staircase has also been added so you can nest in complete privacy.

 Image by Peter Lundstrom


The Tree Snake Houses  // Luís Rebelo de Andrade & Tiago Rebelo de Andrade


Designed by architects Luís Rebelo de Andrade and Tiago Rebelo de Andrade, the Tree Snake Houses, which neighbour each other in Pedras Salgadas Park, Chile are positioned accordingly to give the illusion of two snakes ‘slithering’ between trees. Inside, things are kept very minimal with an abundance of white and enough space for two, with each structure equipped with a kitchen, bathroom and studio space.

 Image by Ricardo Oliveira Alves


Modern Belgian Treehouse // Baumraum


Located in the forests of Hechtel-Eksel, Belgium, this eco-friendly architectural gem was initially built to become a meeting place for companies to come together and brainstorm ways to build a better future for the planet - bridging the gap between economy and ecology. Looks like they’ve found the perfect spot.

Image by Markus Bollen


The Wollemi Wilderness Treehouse


Closer to home, the Wollemi Wilderness Treehouse comes with the full package: a spa, kitchenette, queen bed, fireplace and floor to ceiling windows so you can really bask in the amazing scenery of the Blue Mountains. With it’s proximity from the city, stunning vistas and lavish inclusions, we think this might just be the perfect spot for a romantic getaway or weekend city escape.

 Image courtesy of Love Cabins


Temple of the Blue Moon // Pete Nelson


Located deep in the forests of the Snoqualmie Valley, Seattle, this charming treetop cottage is one of many lodgings available to stay at Pete Nelson’s Treehouse Point. Nelson, a world-renowned treehouse builder and author created the treetop homes with wife Judy as a destination for guests to experience the great outdoors in a unique way.


 Image by Quinn Poer


Hapuku Lodge & Treehouses // Wilson Family

New Zealand

Situated just north of Christchurch, this unique retreat allows guests to make the most of South Island’s stunning scenery, perched 10 metres off the ground in the canopy of a Manuka grove. With a choice of one and two bedroom two-storey treehouses, guests are invited to live in complete luxury, with it’s mostly wooden interior furnished by local woodworkers.


 Image courtesy of Hapuku Lodge


Tree in the House // Aibek Almassov

Almaty, Kazakhstan

If privacy is not high on the priority list when it comes to choosing your home, but 360 degree views are a must, then perhaps the Tree in the House in Almaty, Kazakhstan might be what you’re looking for. Local architect Aibek Almassov has designed a cylindrical glass house that encases a single fir tree which he proposes to build in a woodland sanctuary on the outskirts of Kazakhstan’s largest city.


 Image courtesy of A.Masow Design Studio


Treehouse // Peter Bahouth


Inspired by his love of nature and childhood adoration of treehouses, architect Peter Bahouth designed this magical forest setting in his own backyard. With three components, comprising of a bedroom complete with platform bed that slides out for a better view, a living room which accommodates six people comfortably, and a patio with a hammock and enough seating for ten, all treehouses are connected by way of suspension bridges making for one very dreamy grown-up interpretation of the classic treehouse.

 Images by Lindsay Appel



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