Seven 1-Hour Holiday DIYss

How To / July 27,2013

A holiday weekend might not seem like the time for odd jobs, but for those with an itchy hammer finger, The Huffington Post recommended these DIY projects. Even better, all are manageable in under one hour.

  • String outdoor lights. Use screw-in or adhesive hooks. Hang lights. Plug in. Easy.
  • Paint a feature wall. Low commitment, big impact.
  • Polish your brass door-knobs. A brass cleaner or ammonia will perk up their shine in no time.
  • Freshen those outdoor cushions using DIY Network's proprietary 15-minute cleaning solution.
  • Update your window treatment, perhaps with some sheer curtains. Swapping an old and tacky curtain rod for a new one is simple but can make a huge difference.
  • Order a load of mulch for your garden. Make sure it matches your plants needs, and spread it before the cold sets in.
  • Swap a dated light fixture for a modern one. Nothing refreshes a room more quickly.

Source: Huffington Post

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