Avoiding Sun Damage to Outdoor Furniture

Care and Cleaning / June 27,2018

Many of us value having a tranquil oasis to come home to, filled with plants, natural sunlight and stylish outdoor furniture . However, the harmful rays of the Australian sun can damage both your skin and furniture. The ultra-violet rays wear away your furniture's sheen and gloss. Eventually, these can cause damage to the surface or, even worse, cause structural weakness. If you want your sun lounges and outdoor tables and chairs to last you through many summers, you will need to maintain these regularly. Here at Lavita Furniture, we've created a few guidelines to make the process easier.



It is important that you regularly remove dirt and spills from your furniture. Also, polish where possible to keep things weather-resistant.



Surface protectors are available at major hardware stores and retailers. Be sure that the surface protector you choose matches your furniture's material. Make sure you always follow the manufacturers do's and don'ts and keep these instructions handy.



When not in use, cover up to protect your outdoor tables, chairs, lounges, barbecue grills and outdoor bar. A range of affordable and durable weatherproof covers are available for this purpose. When the summer season is over, stock your outdoor furniture away from the harsh weather. You are also less likely to use your furniture for a long duration when it becomes exceedingly hot and sunny. If you are not going to use it for a stretch, for example 2-3 weeks, consider putting the furniture away or at least covering it up.



Protective outdoor accessories, such as an outdoor umbrella, will shield both your guests and the furniture from the harsh sun, making your sun lounges and day beds more comfortable. A wide variety of outdoor fabrics are also available that you can use to shade your patio. Pick from a range of patterns and colours to match your style. You can also use bamboo shades to keep up the all natural look.



It is easier to care for weather-resistant outdoor wicker furniture made from synthetic fibres than it is to care for its natural counterpart. So keep this in mind when you're buying new furniture. You can use clear varnish, paint or a combination of the two to protect the wicker surface. When the paint begins to peel off, use sandpaper to gently remove the peels and touch up the paint. This will slow down the ageing process. Even though synthetic wicker furniture is made to stand the elements of nature, outdoor furniture specialists recommend that wicker still be protected from exposure to sun. To ensure long lasting protection from the elements, Lavita Furniture uses high grade PE wicker on a wide range of outdoor wicker furniture to ensure your furniture will stand the test of time.



Wooden furniture requires a great deal of maintenance. Ideally, keep your wooden furniture in shade to minimise damage. To get rid of any discolouration, gently scrub your wooden furniture with sandpaper, then coat it with varnish or a UV-protective wax. Sealants, such as spar varnish, prevent the elements from harming the surface.



Fabrics, especially those made of natural fibres, are highly susceptible to sun damage. You can spray or paint fabric guards to prevent colours from fading away, and always where possible, store outdoor cushions inside when not in use. Choosing outdoor furniture made with high quality outdoor materials, such as Sunbrella performance fabric which is UV, water, mold and mildew resistant, will ensure that your furniture will be long lasting and looking better than ever for years to come.


 Pictured: Taze Outdoor Sun Lounge

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