How to change cushion covers

How To / December 15,2015

Cushions are not only a great way to add some colour to your outdoor setting, they provide comfort. Snuggling up to your outdoor cushions is great, but over time they can look a little well-loved and ready for the laundry. Our Lavita cushion covers are made of sturdy UV protected material, that can be zipped off for a quick wash. Here are some tips to take care of your covers when changing them:

  • Be careful when pulling the covers on and off to avoid snagging the Dacron mesh. This mesh layer protects the foam from mould and friction.
  • You may need to fold the foam itself in order to get it into our snug-fitting covers. Gently reshape the cover around the edges of the foam for a tidy look.
  • When putting covers on your seat cushions do not zip up the cover until you sit on the cushion to release any trapped air.
  • Zip up the cushions carefully. Zippers exposed to the elements can get a little difficult to pull. To prevent snapping off the pull tag, be gentle. You may need to run over the teeth with a cotton bud soaked in WD40 to lubricate the tracks and ensure a smooth pull.
  • Allow your covers to dry completely before replacing. Though the mesh does provide some resistance to mould, exposure to mould spores and damp will promote growth.

By taking care of your covers, you will prolong the life of your lounge and keep it looking its best.

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