A Cost-Effective Garden Upgrade

How To / July 25,2013

Summer is the time to be outdoors, yet 40% of Britons have admitted to neglecting their backyards, and 7.4 million are so ashamed of their outdoor space that they won't use it. A garden makeover may be the answer. One in 10 British people spend money on their outdoor spaces because it is more affordable than upgrading their home. On average, these people spent 894 pounds on outdoor living items last year.

Buying or hiring a pressure cleaner is a good start to clean concrete and decks. Weed any neglected garden beds, and make sure that you regularly mow the grass. Next, try a DIY fix like a fun mural, or a three-sided pagoda with a comfortable outdoor lounge for rainy days. Keep your pace relaxed. Watching the garden unfold over years is a pleasure. Pick up plants, pots and other garden items from garden centre sales as you go. Knowing your budget is key to a happy outcome. Plan ahead, and don't buy on a whim. Spend only on those items you need and can afford.


Source: Money Expert

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