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How To / August 14,2013

Plastic is one of the most important manufacturing materials used today, with applications in just about every major industry. Some plastic products are strong and durable, while others are thin films that easily create airtight seals. The single biggest advantage of plastic is that recycling facilities can take broken and expended plastic products and turn them into new items. Recycling plastic makes sense economically and environmentally, because poorly managed plastic can harm the environment and recycling is better for the economy than producing new plastic. Buying recycled plastic products is a great way to support a practice that helps your country and the ecosystem.

Lots of manufacturers are getting into the habit of using recycled and recyclable materials to make quality consumer homewares. Recycled material products are available for every part of a home, from outdoor settings to kitchen utensils. Breathe new life into your home decorations and help manufacturers breathe new life into expended materials by using homeware products made from recycled plastics.


Source: Idaho State Journal

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