How to Transform Your Backyard in Time for Summer

How To / January 27,2013

Having an awesome backyard will add a huge amount to your quality of life, and especially in the summer. If you have been considering making a few improvements to your backyard area, plan for your upgrades to be done before the weather heats up. The following are a few good ways to transform your backyard for summer.


Upgrade your furniture

One of the quickest ways to transform your backyard is by upgrading your outdoor furniture, because if you have been using the same chairs and tables for years, a few new items will make a big difference. If you want to transform your backyard into something special, invest in furniture that is practical and stylish, and ensure any outdoor seating is comfortable and well supported.


Landscape the yard

There is no more dramatic way to mix things up in your backyard than to change the landscape, and you can often make a huge transformation in a very short period of time. Introducing a few new plants, a path or even a system of terraces can be a fun way to completely change the look and feel of the place, and if you are stuck for ideas there is an endless amount of inspiration online. The best thing about landscaping is that if you are willing to put in the time and effort you can do a lot of it yourself, but if you want to be sure the work will be done for summer, either start early or hire a professional to do it for you.


Get a pool

When the summer heats up it is important that you have a few good ways to cool down, and apart from living right by the beach, there is nothing better on a scorching hot day than having your own backyard pool to cool off in. To ensure your pool will be ready for summer, be sure to book your installation well in advance.


Add some lighting

If you have a great yard already but are looking for a way to make it even better, adding a few well-placed lights can create quite an impressive transformation. Whether you bring in open-flame torches to line the pathways, pot lights to light up your feature plants or coloured filters to create more of an artistic look, your lighting can quickly, easily and comprehensively transform your outdoor areas for all your summer shindigs.


Bring in some art

It is amazing the difference that art can make to a space -- whether indoors or out -- so if you are looking to transform your backyard area in time for summer, investing in a few quality pieces of art can often do the trick. Whatever art you choose will need to be able to withstand the elements; otherwise, the sky is the limit. Often it doesn't take much to transform an ordinary yard into a truly special space, so regardless of how large or small your backyard is, make sure it is at its best each and every day this coming summer.

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