The Importance of Tightening Bolts on Outdoor Furniture

How To / December 27,2013

Tightening bolts and screws on outdoor furniture is an important job to repeat regularly. As part of your spring preparations for the coming outdoor parties and as part of your end of summer clean down, tightening bolts is an essential step. Repeated use of tables, chairs, swings and decking will gradually work bolts and screws loose. While they may seem sturdy, even small amounts of movement can cause damage, advised Spring Clean 365.

On a swing, for example, the repeated motion can gradually loosen the bolts. Once loose, the movement will cause damage to the bolt and to the frame in which it is housed. Eventually this could lead to breakages and potential injuries. On decking, the same can happen as people walk on the boards. A loose board may cause someone to trip and this could cause an accident. It only takes a few moments to tighten the screws and bolts with an electric screwdriver, so it is worth the effort. To keep everyone safe and keep your outdoor furniture in good condition, it is important to make the effort to tighten any bolts and screws.

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