Innovative Ideas for Bringing Outdoor Furniture Inside

How To / August 24,2013

Choosing the right furniture for your home is all about choosing the right furniture that suits your home, and your lifestyle. Just because something is traditionally associated with outdoor living spaces, that doesn't mean that it's off limits inside your home.


Wicker furniture

Wicker furniture looks wonderful outside and inside your home. It's so durable ,and looks great in any room as long you have the right colours to complement it. Once you add some pillows and add a glass top to a wicker table you've got a fabulous indoor setting that looks beautiful in any room of your home.


Nursery furniture

When it comes to a nursing chair in your baby's room you can't go past a wicker glider. They are comfortable and the perfect place for you to sit and feed your bub.


Kitchen dining

In the middle of last century rattan was at its peak in popularity. Now due to the sturdy nature of rattan coupled with its good looks, it not only features on peoples patios and outdoor entertaining areas but also inside the home in quaint kitchen dining sets. What's great about wicker furniture is that it's durable, it can be painted and you can use different fabrics to change the look of it almost instantly, making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.


Source: Beaux Mondes Designs

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