Matching Your Balcony and Outdoor Furniture

Buyers Guide / February 6,2013

These days, people put more time and effort into their home decorating than ever before, and one of the hottest trends right now is to match your outdoor furniture with your balcony areas. The following is a brief look at how to pull off this hot new trend in home design.

Consider the colour

The easiest way to match your outdoor furniture with your balcony is by using colour. If you are in the market for some new outdoor furniture and are happy with the current colour of your balcony, choose those new furniture items to match it. It can help to bring a photo of your balcony with you when doing your furniture shopping, and if you are struggling to find a good colour match, keep in mind that you can always paint your balcony to match the furniture if need be as well.


Think about materials

Matching your balcony and outdoor furniture by their materials is a fantastic way to create a connected look, because even if the colours are different, keeping the materials consistent will ensure everything is matching and coordinated. If yours is a metal railing balcony, metal outdoor furniture makes sense; if your balcony is made from wood, wooden furniture is more likely to be the perfect match.


The size of your furniture

Your outdoor furniture will need to be the right size to match your balcony, because otherwise it won't be much good to you at all. If your balcony is tiny, don't despair, because there is no shortage of incredible small furniture items out there. If you have a fairly large balcony, fill up a little more of the space by putting some larger items out there, such as couches or a sun lounge.


What is the purpose?

The right furniture to match your balcony will depend a lot on what you'd like to do out there, so before you head off shopping for your outdoor furniture, first put some thought into what you want to use your balcony for. If you plan on having meals out there you will need a table, chairs and so on, or if you want to grow veggies and herbs on your balcony, you may need some sort of storage cupboard for all those important gardening items. Whatever you do, don't go outdoor furniture shopping until you know what you want to use your balcony for.


Build it in If you are having a new balcony built and want it to match your outdoor furniture, one great option is to plan for some of those furniture items to be built into the design of the balcony itself. Built-in seats and tables can be a particularly effective way to get better use out of your space, and whether you paint them or dress them up with cushions and blankets, your built-in balcony furniture is sure to look great. The better you are able to match the various elements of your home design, the more cohesive a look you are sure to achieve, so whether you are choosing your balcony outdoor furniture or appliances for your kitchen, remember that matching does matter.

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