Using Natural Materials to Improve Your Home

How To / June 25,2013

You can inject a bit of an earthy feel into your home by using furniture made of natural materials. These materials lend texture, warmth and a unique style to your room. Since natural materials are biodegradable, they are also more eco-friendly than synthetic ones. By incorporating natural materials, you bring fewer toxins into your home, thus preserving your family's health. So take your pick from wicker furniture, reclaimed wood furniture, organic cotton, jute rugs and more.



After having been used as patio furniture for years, wicker furniture has increasingly moved into living rooms in the form of chairs, sofas, ottomans, magazine racks, dining sets and other stylish pieces. Traditionally, natural wicker is made of bamboo, rattan, reed or willow wood. This makes wicker furniture eco-friendly and lightweight. When styled right, these bring a touch of modern elegance to your room. A wicker sofa with a centre piece is a great inexpensive buy for both your indoor and outdoor living furniture. However, this furniture needs to be well-cushioned to make it a comfortable seating option. Since it is quite inexpensive, this is also a suitable option for the budget shopper. Wood is another time-tested, beautiful natural material. While you create a beautiful home, you can also be more eco-friendly by using reclaimed wood. Reclaimed or recycled wood is strong and immensely durable.



Replace synthetic fabrics such as polyester and nylon with natural fabrics such as organic cotton, hemp, silk and bamboo fibre. 100% organic cotton is grown without using pesticides. So you bring fewer toxins to your home when you use this eco-friendly fabric. Bamboo is also an environmentally sound material since it is fast growing and easily renewable. Sofas made of natural fibres will definitely provide you maximum comfort. However, you need to make an extra effort to keep these clean since dirt and stains stick stubbornly to natural fibres. You also need to protect these from sunshine since natural fabrics tend to fade quickly.



Dress up your floors with area rugs made from jute, sisal or coir. Using rugs made of natural fibre is a quick way to add texture to any room. These are durable and available in a variety of weaves and styles. You can place these in rooms with modern designs as well as vintage styles since they complement both. Choose a light tan shade for a clean, airy feel, or a brown shade for a warmer feel.



You can enhance the warm, earthy feel of your decor by using window blinds made of bamboo. Place bamboo blinds in your living room, bedroom or kitchen to lend an informal look. You can also hang woven bamboo shades in your outdoor lounge. These will filter the sun rays and keep your lounge cool so you can enjoy the warmth without feeling the heat. Another interesting way to use these blinds is in place of cabinet doors, say in your kitchen. This lends an innovative feel to your decor.

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