Outdoor Cooking

How To / August 24,2013

When it comes to outdoor entertainment, nothing can beat a good, hot meal, especially on a sunny winter's day. Using an outdoor cooking appliance will keep the party hot when the sun is too weak and the weather is too cold. In days gone by, outdoor cooking meant using a BBQ. Nowadays, there is a range of outdoor cooking apparatuses that can do everything from sausages to stews.

Some people have a tough time deciding if they would rather have a BBQ or order pizza. Pick both -with an outdoor woodfire pizza oven that can whip up a homemade supreme or roast a few whole chickens. Most outdoor ovens take about 40 minutes to reach the pizza-ready temperature of 300 degrees. More traditional BBQs will cook enough food to satisfy a good-sized party, with gas and charcoal varieties available. Gas is the easiest method to use because it fires up quick, but BBQ enthusiasts often switch over to charcoal on account of the aroma and the flavour.

For an outdoor cook-up that's away from the backyard, mobile bonfire kitchens have everything covered. A bonfire kitchen operates by dangling a cooking utensil from a tripod, with a bonfire underneath. These beauties can make everything from coffee to casseroles, and they're light enough to carry around.


Source: Telegraph UK

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