Outdoor Designs for Comfort and Fun

How To / August 22,2013

Designing a fun, comfortable and interesting outdoor setting is a great way to put the finishing touch on a beautiful home. Outdoor landscape design is something that can fit every budget and every home. Some residences will have it easy, with a big blank yard to craft as they please. Lots of homes aren't so lucky and will have constraints to work around, but that can make the design process more fun.

Designing a quality landscape for an empty yard is easy, just decide on the yard's purpose first. For social entertainment purposes, it's best to think about weather resistant seating and decoration. Coordinate the colours between the seating and the feature items, and think about installing a centrepiece, like a fire pit or a BBQ. Smaller yards need to think about designing for maximum utility with minimal wasted space. Intelligent storage options, like hollow benches with storing capacity, are a good idea. Try installing a vertical garden to include some green in the yard without compromising on useable space.


Source: Morgan Hill Times

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