How to Keep Your Outdoor Furniture Clean

Care and Cleaning / August 22,2013

People love spending time outdoors, and with outdoor and patio furniture becoming just as important to some people as their indoor furniture it's no wonder keeping it nice and clean is of utmost importance.

Some outdoor furniture is easier to keep clean, while other types of material make it rather difficult. Wicker outdoor furniture offers great value because it's long-lasting and easy to keep looking good. Wicker furniture is either made from natural materials like dried plants, grass and vines, or resins and synthetic vinyl.

When it comes to outdoor furniture, willow, reed, bamboo and rattan are the preferred choices because they are durable and can withstand a range of harsh weather conditions. Furniture like wicker can be maintained by simply dusting it regularly.

When the weather is wet and cold, there is a risk of mildew forming so it's a good idea to shield your furniture with a plastic cover to protect it from the conditions outside. The heat that outdoor furniture is exposed to often leads to fading. If you find that the colour of your furniture is starting to fade, you can repaint it every twelve months with spray paint to maintain it's visual appeal.

Vacuuming your wicker furniture regularly will also keep it looking good, by removing any debris and particles of dirt. If necessary, you can wash wicker furniture using mild soapy water. Just make sure it is able to dry out completely before reusing it to make sure that mold and mildew aren't able to form.

Source: Kemik

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