Outdoor Recliners

How To / September 7,2013

Many of us like a good afternoon snooze. There's no shame in it at all, and during the summer the best seat in the house is usually in the afternoon sun on the patio or in the shade in the garden. While a hammock or a sofa could be the ideal piece of furniture to take a nap on, there is often one item that is often overlooked. The outdoor recliner.

Yes, they do exist, and are as comfortable as their indoor counterparts. Just imagine being able to put your feet up while you doze in the afternoon sunshine. But, 'What about the design?' I hear you ask. What's great about outdoor recliners is that you can barely tell the difference between the ones made for indoor use only and the outdoor recliners, as the only difference is that the outdoor recliners are made with the elements in mind and are extremely durable. There are all sorts of outdoor recliners, the same as there are different sorts of indoor recliners. A recliner with a separate ottoman is a great option for those wanting another seat and a place to sit their cup of tea. While the recliners with the cushions are by far the most comfortable, they do come with a few maintenance issues when it comes to moisture absorption. Sling style recliners are the easiest to maintain and to clean.


Source: Outdoorlicious

Pictured above: Atlantis Outdoor Corner Lounge Recliner Suite

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