Outdoor Room Trends

Trends / September 25,2013

The outdoor room is very fashionable right now, and there are plenty of different trends that are associated with it. Here we'll take you through some of the most popular outdoor room ideas that are trending this minute:


Outdoor dining

People have always enjoyed eating outdoors, but this is a slightly different concept. Right now people are choosing to have complete outdoor dining areas with outdoor kitchen areas and dining table settings that look like they could belong inside as well as out.


A screened-in porch

This peaceful retreat is ideal for those who like to be close to mother nature while still remaining protected. Plus there's the added bonus of keeping the mosquitoes away in the summer time too.


Install a hammock

Hammocks are popular most of the time, but are doing particularly well at the moment. They are the perfect place to relax and watch the clouds, and you can buy ones with a frame if you don't have anywhere to hang it.


An inviting terrace

Terraces with lush potted plants and stunning outdoor furniture are dotted throughout the cities and into the suburbs. These outdoor patios are no longer just reserved for the smokers but are being utilized every day as an extra room in the house to enjoy.


Source: https://www.everlastinghardwoods.com/blog/outdoorliving/top-10-outdoor-room-design-ideas.html

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