Picking Outdoor Furniture

Buyers Guide / August 12,2013

Springtime is just around the corner for Australia, and there are plenty of winter sunsets for Aussies to enjoy with a warm cup of tea until it starts. The best way to enjoy a sunrise, sunset or a sunny day is to get outside and enjoy the rays. Australians love the outdoors, so there's nothing more Australian than a nice outdoor furniture setting. Getting a bargain on outdoor furniture is a breeze, particularly in winter during the sales. Outdoor furniture comes in every material, shape, size and colour imaginable. Wicker, steel or plastic, it doesn't really matter as long as it can handle an occasional rainy day.

Most weather resistant materials can sometimes be stiff and a little uncomfortable, but that's easily fixed with a cushy pillow. If you find something functional and affordable but doesn't come in a colour that you like, grab a soft pillow and some spray paint. Match the paint pigment to the pillow, and give the furniture a generous coat. Wait for the paint to dry, put the pillow in the seat, and enjoy the great outdoors with your new colour-coordinated outdoor furniture.


Pictured above: Riva Outdoor Sofa Suite

Source: Oregon Live

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