Planning a New Outdoor Dining Area

Buyers Guide / May 22,2013

One of the most pleasant things that you can enjoy in the summer is a warm evening sitting outside with friends and family for dinner. In a country like Australia, the weather enables you to enjoy warm evenings outside and take a pleasant reprieve from the scorching sun and incessant air conditioning machines. An outdoor dining area can provide the perfect solution for your summer evenings and herein we consider how to make it a reality.


Picking the Location

If you have some space in your backyard then you will have a range of options of where to put your outdoor dining area. A popular choice is to extend a patio out from your home and there are benefits to doing this. A patio is close to your home so you can easily carry food from the kitchen to the table and connecting lights will be easiest here. A nicer area can often be created at the end of your garden, however, because you will then be able to create a more private and exclusive feeling. Decking built further down your garden can be a wonderful attraction and a great place to socialise.


Preparing the Ground

Building an outdoor dining area means creating some outdoor flooring upon which you can set the table. There are several reasons why it is sensible to build flooring. The first is to protect your luxury outdoor furniture from rising damp. If the table and chairs are left on grass then they will pick up moisture and the lifespan of the furniture will be greatly reduced. The second reason is to improve the experience because sitting with your feet on a slate or wooden floor is greatly preferable to having grass growing around your legs.


Creating a Shelter

To make your outdoor dining area useful throughout the day you will need to create a shelter around it. Putting a roof over the table, but leaving the sides open, will enable you to protect your furniture from the sun and rain and the cover will provide shade for your daytime meals too. An awning can offer a good solution for a patio, but your decking will require a purpose built freestanding cover.


Utilising Plants

When creating an outdoor dining area it is always important to plan how you will bring nature into the equation. Plants will play a big role in making the dining area a desirable place to be and there is a lot that plants can be used for. Plants can provide shade and privacy so that your outdoor area is comfortable and exclusive. Importantly, the plants around your dining area will also create sound barriers. To be able to enjoy your dining area to the full extent this is important so that your dinner parties do not disturb your neighbours.


Pest Control

When eating outside there will always be a problem with insects and other animals. These problems are solvable, however, as long as you prepare in advance. Placing anti-mosquito candles around the decking an hour before you plan to go outside will make a huge difference and fly paper can help significantly in the daytime too. These can all be set up subtly so they do not intrude on your meal, but making the effort will greatly improve your enjoyment of the outdoors.

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