Planning for Outdoor Entertaining

How To / August 18,2013

Spending time outside is without a doubt the best thing to do when the weather is right. There's a feeling of guilt that comes from staying inside when the sun is out, as if a golden opportunity just slipped by. In order to take advantage of good weather, it's important to have a nice outdoor arrangement. Getting outdoor areas designed and decorated for comfortable use will ensure the upcoming spring doesn't go to waste.

Developing a nice garden is the first step to luring everybody outside when the sun comes around. Combining some shade resistant plants, like succulents, with a big-branched tree creates a nice feeling of complementary growth.

People need comfortable seating for outdoor areas. Use something that resists the wet, like wicker or steel framed seats, and put an outdoor cushion on top for comfort.

Kids love to get outside in the sun, and a child friendly feature will give them something constructive to do. Try building a cubby house or erecting a tent in an unused garden area.

When the sun goes down and the temperature drops, people might want to move back inside. Instead, keep guests warm and happy with a firepit or a built-in BBQ.


Source: WSJ Online

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