Preventing and Fixing Wear and Tear

Care and Cleaning / August 23,2013

Wear and tear is an inevitable fact of life, so it's best to tackle the problem head on and take preventative measures. Homeowners have frequent problems with fatiguing on furniture coverings and brass housing fixtures. Thankfully, a common problem generates some ingenious workarounds to breath new life into damaged items. With damaged furniture coverings and worn brass, prevention is the best method, but that's not always possible. So here are some ideas for prevention and repair of damaged furniture covers and brass fixtures.

The number one cause of damaged furniture coverings is domestic pets. Cats are particularly bad for scratching through the cover fabric on couches and chairs. To stop a cat from scratching home furniture, buy a scratching post.

If something else is doing the damage, consider buying furniture covered in Sunbrella. It's a durable acrylic used for outdoor furniture that withstands most punishment. If something has already damaged your furniture, try covering the damage with a shawl or outdoor rug.

Brass fixtures are eye-catching items for home interiors. A shiny door handle or coat hook can liven up a dull room like nothing else. Unfortunately, brass oxidises and goes dull after a few years. The best way to prevent this from happening is to apply a clear lacquer over the brass. If it's already happened, use brass polish to shine it up and apply the clear lacquer immediately afterward.


Source: Washington Post

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