Summer BBQ Tips

How To / January 7,2014

Now that summer has finally arrived, it's time to dust off the BBQ and have a few friends around for some fun in the sun! A BBQ is one of the easiest gatherings to plan, but to make things easier for you we've put together these tips as a guide.


Food and drinks 

One of the biggest stress-factors of having people over is preparing and cooking enough food and drinks for people. To prevent this from being an issue at your BBQ, why not outsource some of the work to guests? Ask someone to bring different kinds of salad, another person to bring drinks and someone else to bring dessert. That way all you have to take care of is the meat itself, and all you need to do with that is throw it on the grill!


Make sure you have enough outdoor furniture to accommodate all of your guests, even if it's just picnic rugs on the grass! If you don't, then ask your guests to bring their own. Sun loungers are great when entertaining a big group of people as you can lay them flat and they become a bench seat for more than one person.

Keeping the kids occupied 

There's nothing worse than when all of the adults are having a great time chatting and hanging out in the sun, for the kids to start whining that they?re bored. If there are kids invited to your summer BBQ then plan a few fun activities to keep them happy and busy. If you have a pool and they?re going swimming then make sure that there is a designated adult to keep an eye on the pool.

Have a Plan B 

Despite the fact that it's December in Australia, the weather is not guaranteed to be perfect. Have a back-up plan ready in case of wet weather so that you don't have to cancel your gathering and waste all of the food that everyone has prepared.


With these tips you, your family and your friends will have a stress-free, fun-filled BBQ that everyone will be raving about for the rest of summer.


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