Summertime, and the Living is Easy

How To / July 26,2013

Summer is the time when many of us add a room to our house by building a deck, patio or porch. Living outdoors need not mean giving up the comforts of indoors, though. Some small changes can make your outdoors much more appealing. One quick way to brighten up your old outdoor furniture is to give it a re-paint. Colours that might overwhelm indoors, such as apple green, cherry or yellow, can look fresh outside. Dress up the chairs with some new cushion covers in patterned or textured fabrics.

Many new outdoor products are on the market now. Wicker used to break down and go brittle over time, but new resin wicker sidesteps that issue. Durable and fade-proof, it is easily hosed down and is a great choice if you have kids with grubby fingers. Upholstery companies have released some great ranges of all-weather cushions for seats and benches that look like they belong inside. The best ones to get are those that are mildew and rain-resistant. Don't forget to follow indoor design principles outdoors. The key to arranging seating anywhere is to not push it all up against the wall. Group sofas and chairs in a round configuration or as opposites to make a more relaxing gathering space.


Source: Bozeman Daily Chronicle

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