Tips from 5 Leading Designers

How To / August 16,2013

Sydney's leading designers are working hard to maintain the cutting edge image of Australia's structural presentation. Visually appealing buildings count for a lot when it comes to maintaining the happiness of local communities and keeping real estate prices buoyant. Here are some recommendations on inner city designing from five of Sydney's most prominent designers.

  • Landscape architect Brendan Moar has some wisdom for getting the most from limited outdoor spaces. Inner city yards are quite small, but that's no reason to compromise on functionality. Try using vertical gardens to create a green outlook without taking up too much space, and choose versatile outdoor furniture.
  • Hannah Tribe, interior architect, said that storage is the key to managing small interior spaces. Floor to ceiling storage units allow people to appropriate each room for multiple purposes.
  • George Livissianis, expert on retail spaces and restaurant interiors, said that responsive design is the best way to stand out. Informal approaches to dining and retail create an intimacy that draws customers back.
  • Cameron Kimber, interior design expert, claimed that freestyle themes are in right now. Mix contemporary features with antique fixtures.
  • Steven Pozel, Object director for the Australian Design Centre, is of the opinion that buying domestic craft is better than buying imported items.

Source: SMH

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