New Trends in Outdoor Furniture Design

Trends / December 29,2013

There are exciting new trends happening at the moment for outdoor furniture. The designs of these garden staples have moved on significantly from when they consisted of fold out tables and chairs on the lawn. Now it is more common for an outdoor area to effectively be an extension of the home, serving as an additional room. Outdoor furniture is now made from a range of durable and stylish materials. Whether you want an outdoor sofa or a wooden table, materials have advanced to make anything possible. Water resistant wood and UV resistant fabric have particularly made the possibilities for their design to be more flexible.

More adventurous concepts for exterior design have also developed, and the traditional boundaries between the indoors and outdoors of a home have been blurred. Practices like continuing the flooring from an indoor room onto the patio have made the outside an integral part of the property. Furniture style consistency has also helped to blur these lines, according to The Discovery Blog. Furniture that can easily be moved around, folded and stacked has become the norm, as this allows for greater backyard flexibility and enables people to use their outdoor space for multiple functions.

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