How to Keep your Wooden Furniture Long-Lasting

Care and Cleaning / August 26,2013

Wooden outdoor furniture is very popular, as it not only blends in perfectly in an outdoor setting but can also be comfortable and sleek in a way that fabric is not. However, it is necessary to take care of your wooden furniture to keep it looking healthy and attractive. Not only is it exposed to the wear and tear of you using it, but it's also vulnerable to the damage that can be caused by nature. Cleaning your wooden furniture is an important aspect of prolonging your furniture's life. For most furniture, an annual scrub with soap followed by hosing it down with a pressure washer will suffice. Also, it is recommended that you clean spills as they occur to prevent ugly stains or damage.

Using a protector for your wooden furniture is highly recommended by experts, particularly if they are not left undercover. For a rainy climate, make sure that you choose an oil-based water repellent spray, as this will prevent the liquid from seeping in and damaging the wood. If you live somewhere sunny, opt for a UV protecting spray to prevent uneven sun bleaching.

Source: MN Research

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